Private Aviation

Location: Mandelieu Airport. 245 Avenue Francis Toner, 06150 Cannes

From our base in Cannes, we are perfectly situated for those with residences across the French Riviera, in Nice, Monaco or St. Tropez, or for anyone visiting the area. 

Travel in high style at unbeatable rates

Let us worry about the logistics; our charters will eliminate your positioning costs and any ensuing time delays. Travel when you wish to – and when you do, suffer no queues and experience no delays.

Experience the entire luxury package

 During the flight graze over culinary creations and sample the finest wines and champagnes. A cappuccino machine is also included in-flight for refreshment.

Enjoy door-to-door service that will take you around the world

Our optional extras include transportation to and from the airport. We live in Cannes, as do our aircraft. Take one of our intercontinental-range jets across Europe, or further afield to Russia, Africa and the U.S.  

Please note - offers are kindly on-demand - please write to [email protected] for more information